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Ian Cleary (iancleary)


Welcome! This is a CLI for creating styled-components for React projects quickly.

Note: I've rewrote Josh W Comeau's new-component NPM package in Python 🐍 and adapted it to my preferences. It is an excellent project and you should check it out!

I didn't understand styled components at first. At the time of this writing, I'm looking to develop my understanding of CSS, upon the advice of Josh W Comeau's blog post "The styled-components Happy Path ".

After you read that article, you'll gather that this CLI aims to combine the wisdom of Josh's templates with my personal preferences.

  • Adding the import styled from "styled-components" in the new component.js file.
  • Adding a styled.Wrapper component definition (and making it .the parent html element in the React Component's render function)


❯ pipx install new-component
❯ new-component --help

That will output the following:

Usage: new_component [OPTIONS] NAME

  Creates an new component directory in a React project, with opinionated
  defaults for styled-components.

  See for more information.

  NAME  Name of component to create.  [required]

  -d, --directory TEXT  The directory in which to create the component.
                        [default: src/components/]
  -e, --extension TEXT  The file extension for the created component files.
                        [default: js]
  -v, --version         Show the application's version and exit.
  --install-completion  Install completion for the current shell.
  --show-completion     Show completion for the current shell, to copy it or
                        customize the installation.
  --help                Show this message and exit.

Example Usage

The first and only argument is the name of the component to create.

❯ new-component Backdrop
Created a new Backdrop Component 💅 🚀!

The path printed is the absolute path to new component folder.

It will very based upon your setup!

This command created two files:

src/components/Backdrop/index.js src/components/Backdrop/Backdrop.js

The contents of the files will be as follows:

// `src/components/Backdrop/index.js`
export { default } from "./Backdrop";
// `src/components/Backdrop/Backdrop.js`
import React from "react";
import styled from "styled-components";

const Backdrop = ({children}) => {
  return (

const Wrapper = styled.div`
    /* CSS Goes Here */

export default Backdrop;


Configuration can be done through 3 different ways:

  • Creating a global settings.json in your home directory (~/.config/new-component/settings.json).
  • Creating a local .new-component-config.json in your project's root directory.
  • Command-line arguments.

The resulting values are merged, with command-line values overwriting local values, and local values overwriting global ones.

API Reference


Controls the desired directory for the created component. Defaults to src/components


Command line: --directory <value> or -d <value>

JSON config: { "directory": <value> }

File Extension

Controls the file extension for the created components. Can be either js (default) or jsx.


Command line: --extension <value> or -e <value>

JSON config: { "extension": <value> }

Further information

I will likely evolve this CLI as I learn more; I'm on my way 😊

  • Add different component types
  • Promote better patterns to ensure CSS (single source of styles, Isolated CSS)

Thanks to Josh W Comeau's blog post "The styled-components Happy Path for starting my education! Again, it puts this README in perspective.

Enjoy quickly creating styled components 💅 🚀!


I created this CLI for my opinionated uses and may not accept changes.